Classification of Leather Goods

Small Leather Goods

Small leather goods or personal leather goods are usually carried in pockets. Small leather goods are generally made from cow calf, buff calf, goat, sheep, pig and exotic skins with different finishes. The thickness of leather required for making small leather goods is about 0.5 mm to 0.8 mm. e.g. coin purse, coin pouch, key case, belt, wallet, spectacle case, passport case, watch strap, etc.

Medium Leather Goods

Medium leather goods are generally made from cowhides with different finishes. The thickness required for making medium type of leather goods is about 0.8 mm to 1.0 mm. e.g. underarm case, wrist bag, zip folio bag, school bag, shopping bag, shaving kit, gents shoulder bag, etc.

Heavy Leather Goods

Heavy leather goods/luggage leather goods are generally made from buff and cow uppers and softy uppers with different finishes. The thickness required for making heavy/ luggage leather goods are about 1.0 mm to 1.2 mm. e.g. document case, portfolio bag, medical representative bag, brief case, travel bag, travel suitcase, etc.

Lady Handbags

Since lady handbags considered to be the most fashionable goods, they are made in attractive designs using eye catching colored finished leathers. Lady handbags are generally made from the skins of cow upper, cow softy upper, aniline buff calf, aniline cow calf, aniline goat, colored goat, goat suede, etc. Apart from above mentioned leathers, exotic skins like crocodile skins, lizard skins, python skins, cobra skins, etc.


Only one-third of all the hides produced worldwide are suitable for upholstery due to 1) the large size of our cutting patterns and 2) clean selection required for natural finishes. Only 5% of the worldwide hide supply possesses the aesthetic qualities necessary to become Pure or Full Aniline Semi-Anilines comprise the balance of the total hide supply suitable for upholstery leather and may be either full grain or enhanced with various grains and effects.


Leather garments, footwear, gloves, balls, harness and Saddlery.

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