Hand tools offer high degree of control and precision. Using proper tools for the proper jobs, a clean well-lighted working area, adequate instructions for performing jobs and safety precautions are the key factors for producing quality products. As tools play a vital role in the manufacturing of leather products, it is necessary to keep them in good working condition by storing them ready to hand as well as safe from damage. Tools are classified into: tools for pattern cutting, tools for leather goods fabricating, tools for leather crafting and tools for dual performance i.e. tools for leather goods fabricating and repairs and maintenance of equipment and machinery.

Tool for Pattern Cutting


Measuring Tape

Stainless Steel Scale

Try Squares

Utility Knife

Tool For Leather Good Fabricating



Bone Folder

Button Fitting Tool

Circular Slicker

Creasing Tool

Bone Folder


Eyeleting Tool

Framing Tools

Embossing the Grain Print

Hand Stamper

Paring Knife

Framing Tools

Embossing the Grain Print

Hand Stamper


Smooth Rolling Wheel

Thread Trimmer

Thread Trimming Tool

Leather Crafting Tools

Ball modelling tool

Outline Modeller

Lacing Pony

Swivel Knife

Tracer Stippler

Design Punches

Swivel Knife

Spacing Wheel

Heat Burnishing Tool

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